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Friday 2nd April

This week, Year 2 Readers have finished our Big Reading book, Emma Jane’s Aeroplane.  We shared our opinions and views on the story as well as predicting what would happen next.  We were also very excited to have an author visit us online!  We spoke to An Vrombaut, a children’s author and illustrator, about her stories and how she became a writer and she even drew an animal for us!

This week, Year 2 Mathematicians have started exploring 2D shapes.  We have investigated how many edges and vertices different shapes have and looked for the line of symmetry in different shapes.  Year 2 Mathematicians have also been reviewing the methods we can use for addition and subtraction.

Year 2 Writers have been learning how to edit and improve their writing.  They checked their work by reading carefully and fixing any mistakes that they found.  Then, they published their best version of their work!  What a wonderful week full of learning, well done Year 2!