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Friday 28th May

This week in year 1 in maths we have continued to learn about the currency of the United Kingdom.  Also this week, the children learned about volume and capacity using beakers and syringes to compare full, half full and empty.  The children began to learn about mass using the terms, heavier and lighter, using scales and everyday objects.


The children have been enjoying learning about Queen Elizabeth II.  This week we have been consolidating all the knowledge we have learned this term playing the game, Who Wants to be a Historian?  The children enjoyed creating their own crown.


In Science, we continued to watch our broad beans grow.  This week we have continued to explore the roots of different plants.  We discussed the type of roots and their role of supporting healthy growth.


Keep up the great work in the next summer term, children!  The teachers are so proud of your enthusiasm and focus in your lessons.  You all deserve a rest and we hope you have a great half term break.