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Friday 28th May

This week Year 2 have had an exciting week full of learning.


Year 2 writers have been writing and editing their instruction texts to help visitors at Buckingham Palace have an amazing day!  They have made sure to include important skills such as commands, imperative verbs and commas in a list.


Year 2 mathematicians have enjoyed learning about how fractions can be equal. They have also practiced comparing and ordering fractions.


On Tuesday, Year 2 had their History day which was all about Queen Victoria and the Victorians.  The children and teachers dressed up and learned about the differences and similarities between life in the Victorian era and the present day.  They also experienced a lesson in a Victorian classroom.  They were surprised when they found out about the strict rules children had to follow, the consequences of misbehaving and the different subjects girls and boys had to learn.


Everyone in Year 2 agrees that school in 2021 is much better!