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Friday 27th November

This week, the Year 1 children have been working collaboratively using good manners, showing respect to others and sharing during a task.  They had a piece of paper, a cup and coloured pencils.  The task was to draw two circles of different sizes and colour them.  The children had to follow a set of simple instructions deciding who would do each step.

In Maths we continued to learn about completing and solving subtraction number sentences using our number bonds and number lines.

In Science we used our senses to examine the properties of everyday materials such as wood, plastic, metal, rubber and fabric.  This week the children discussed property of different materials; soft, hard, transparent or opaque, but in particular they were learning to identify materials that stretch.

This term we are studying Geography and our focus is Our Local Area.  This week, the children used a map of the local area and were very keen to identify and explain both the human and physical features local to the school.

Finally, as Friday marked Anti-bullying day the children discussed friendship and what makes a good friend.