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Friday 25th September

It has been a busy few weeks, as the children start their journey at Montem Academy Nursery.   For children and parents starting the nursery it can also be an anxious time.  Therefore, the settling-in period is intended to bridge the gap for the child between home and nursery, as it helps them to become accustomed to their new environment.

Preparation is the key to success, so that everybody and everything is ready to get the child off to a good start.  As well as a broad range of experiences, it is also a source of delight for the children as they make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy new activities.  Parents have also benefited enormously, as they gain the confidence that their child is safe, happy and stimulated in their absence.

Montem Academy children have made a fantastic start to the year, settling in superbly, which is  a solid foundation from which to build a happy and successful education.