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Friday 25th June

Our topic in Reception for the last 2 weeks has been Pirates.  We have really enjoyed learning new vocabulary such as ‘Jolly Roger’, ‘cannon’ and ‘treasure chest’ and using them in our play as we sail on the seas in our ship!


In Maths we have been learning how to share equally between 2 and 3.  Some of the vocabulary we have been using to help us to do this is ‘fair’, ‘equal’ and ‘half’.  The children are beginning to gain a good understanding of how to share fairly between groups and we have started to look at what would happen if we had a remainder.  In addition to this we have been continuing to look at our 2D and 3D shapes.  To help us with the names and properties, we have been finding different shapes around us in our environment and describing them.


Reception have begun their transition to year 1 this week.  We have enjoyed meeting the year 1 teachers for story time and having a walk around the year 1 building so that it becomes a bit more familiar.