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Friday 23rd April

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break. The children have returned with great energy.

This week, the Year 1 children have reviewed the school rules and have been putting these into practice throughout their lesson. They have work collaboratively using good manners, showing respect to others and sharing.


We are continuing to focus on the RWI programme Set 3 sounds. We are reviewing these sounds to secure them. We started the week at the beginning with the diagraph ‘aw’ “yawn at dawn”.


Our first maths unit this term is Fractions so, this week, we have been learning to recognise half and quarter of both shape and numbers. The children have folded shapes into halves and quarters. They have also shared objects into two or four equal groups. Children were given a number to discover how many objects in one half or one quarter. Most children found it quite tricky to begin with, but have now grasped this new concept. Keep up your mathematical skills!


The children are very enthusiastic about our Queen Elizabeth II history project this term and many have posted their research projects on Class Dojo or brought them into school. In our lesson we discovered aspects of her early life.


We have been very lucky with the weather this week as it enabled us to explore the school grounds for wild flowers in our science lesson.


The teachers continue to be proud of our students and their determination toward their own learning.