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Friday 21st May

This week in Reception, we have been continuing with the story of “Superworm”.  We have written the beginning, middle and end of the story as a class and then discussed how the two main characters felt in two pictures.  The children came up with some fantastic words and then made sentences using their “feelings word”.

The children then made a “Superworm edible cup”.  The children had to each crush two Oreo biscuits for the hard soil.  Next, together, they mixed a measured amount of milk with chocolate Angel Delight and took turns whisking.  After that, they added some of the crumbed biscuit to the bottom, a deep layer of Angel Delight, adding the rest of their biscuit crumb.  Then they stuck two wiggle worms out of the top of the soil, representing “Superworm”.  The children really enjoyed making the cups.  During the process, the children discussed if they should eat chocolate every day. Most of them understood that it’s not healthy or good for your teeth to eat it every day despite being yummy.

Topic was related to the Superworm story as we looked at the life cycle of a frog.  Understanding the world.  We discussed how frogs grow and the children had to cut and stick the life cycle to see if they could remember, write a sentence about a frog and cut out a 2D shape of a frog.  The children could be heard all afternoon chatting about the frogs!

In Maths we have been looking at subtraction, the vocabulary related to it, and the different tools we can use to help us learn.  The children played subtraction games like on/off the bus, pirate treasure game and a lift game related to a story.  They really enjoyed learning about all the different ways to support leaning about subtraction.