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Friday 20th November

This week, Year 1 worked in pairs to stretch a piece of string and put pegs on the string.  They took turns taking the peg off the string and swapped roles.  It was interesting to see which students could challenge themselves by putting the pegs on with one hand!

In Maths we started learning to subtract by taking away or crossing out.  We used blocks to take numbers away and then used pictures to cross out.  The students discussed number stories and found answers to problems such as “there are 7 ladybirds on a leaf. 2 ladybirds fly away. How many are left on the leaf?”

In Geography we continued to focus on our local area.  The children were very enthusiastic to identify key features on a map of our local area.  This week we drew a map and labelled key features such as roads, school, houses, shops, and the motorway.

In Science, we continued to build our knowledge about everyday materials.  This week the children were learning to identify multiple materials that objects are made from.