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Friday 19th March

This week in Reception the children continued to be intrigued by our focus story, The Crunching Munching Caterpillar.  They excitedly used the stick puppet characters from the story to retell the story to their friends and teachers.   

In Literacy the children retold the story using a story map and some of them took up the challenge to write the beginning, middle and end of the story independently.

In Numeracy the children measured the height and length of items inside and outside the classroom.  They used objects such as unifix cubes to measure the length of the smartboard and their tables.  It was interesting to observe them compare the height and length of objects using language such as longer, shorter and the same.  Another interesting activity that they clearly enjoyed was making their footprints by drawing around their shoes and going off to find items longer, shorter and the same length as their footprints.