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Friday 18th June

This week in Year 4 we have had a No Pens Day, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  The day was a fantastic opportunity to learn through hands-on activities and think creatively and use their imagination.  It also required the children to use their teamwork skills in order to tackle the challenges and work well collaboratively.  This day was all about developing our speaking and listening skills, so the children had various opportunities to explore how they would use the activities to describe, explain, question, discuss and coach with their partner/group.


In Maths, we used our fraction walls to explore and identify equivalent fractions and some children started to use their knowledge of division to simplify fractions.


In Literacy, we learnt about different forms of communication and story-telling in groups.

We also took the time to read for pleasure, in groups, pairs and the teacher reading a favourite text, which was amazing!


The hit of the day though was Lego Art, where the children worked in pairs to succeed with different challenges given, such as creating something that represents happiness. 


What an exciting week we had!