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Friday 18th June

On Tuesday in Year 1, we had a “No Pen Day”, where the children learnt each subject without using a pencil or pen.  Not even the teachers were allowed to use them!  The children had the opportunity to complete phonics tasks by drawing in the air and reading their phonics books, of course.


In Maths, the children went outside to practise different ways of turning (quarter, half, three quarter turns).


For Geography, we looked inside a volcano and named the different features.  The children created their own volcanoes using tissue paper.


In Science, the children brought in clothing from each season and they enjoyed playing a game of putting each type of clothing on depending on the season.  The children had to dress paper dolls in the seasonal clothing for “No Pen Day” where they cut and pasted the clothes onto the pictures of the children.


It has been a fun week this week.  The children were engaged and enthusiastic about all the different ways they can learn without using a pen or pencil.  The teachers are so pleased with all your hard work, Year One!