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Friday 16th October

Last week on Well-Being Day 2020, the year 1 children created a worry box that we can use to share our worries with the teacher.  We talked about growth mind-set and how it can help us become better learners.  Then we created a gratitude tree to hold everything we are thankful for.  Finally, we read the book “Have you filled a bucket today” and talked about how to be a good friend.


In Maths we continued to learn different ways of making numbers using number bond diagrams and creating number stories using pictures.


In Science the children have been learning about the 5 senses.  The children were eager to find out more about our sense of hearing and we explored the school grounds to find sounds such as a dustbin lorry, an aeroplane, birds tweeting and trees rustling and learned to compare different sounds such as loud, low and high noises.


In History, the children have continued to learn about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot and were excited to learn the poem “Remember, remember of the fifth of November”.