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Friday 14th May

This week, Year 2 Readers have been exploring our Big Reading book, Paddington at the Palace. Year 2 Readers have made inferences about the characters feelings and sequenced the events from the story so far.

Year 2 Historians have been exploring Queen Victoria and locating and naming countries that were in the British Empire during her reign.

Year 2 Mathematicians have started exploring fractions.  Year 2 has been using resources and pictures to understand how to show half, quarter and three quarters of a shape. Year 2 Mathematicians have also been reviewing the methods we can use for addition and subtraction.

Year 2 Scientists have been making observations on their investigations into whether plants can grow without sunlight.  We found out that plants that are kept in dark places do not grow as they need sunlight to grow!

Year 2 Writers have been learning how to edit and improve their writing.  They checked their work by reading carefully and fixing any mistakes that they found.  Then, they published their best version of their work!  What a fantastic week full of learning.