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Friday 14th May

This week in maths, Year 1 has continued to learn about the clock and telling the time.  Children are able to recognise the minute hand and the hour hand and they have learned that there is 60 minutes in one hour.  We have had class discussions about “earlier”, “later", “quicker” and “slower” to enhance their vocabulary.  We discussed the difference between minutes, hours, days and weeks.  The children are able to estimate how long it takes them to brush their teeth, take a shower and they know how long the summer holidays are.


The children have been enjoying learning about Queen Elizabeth II in history.  This week we have been looking at the royal residences in the UK: Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House and Buckingham Palace. We discussed the similarities between them and the countries they are in.  The children chose their favourite castle and they know which one is the Queen’s favourite castle to live in.


In Science, we continued to watch our broad beans grow.  This week we went for a walk around the school and using their mathematical skills, the children measured the different heights of flowers.