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Friday 13th November

This week, the year 2 children worked hard in all subjects.  We started to read the book called Katie in London.  The children explored new vocabulary and they are following Katie’s journey around London visiting different significant landmarks.

In Literacy, we talked about the features and the structure of a formal and informal letter and the children created their own posters using adjectives to describe different landmarks. Furthermore working as a class we made a word mat describing our feelings looking at some famous London sights.

In Maths, the children started to learn about subtraction; subtracting a single digit number from a two-digit number and subtracting multiples of ten from a two-digit number.  They supported their learning using different resources such as number tracks, counters and dienes.  The children used various methods to find the answer.  Some children used counting back using a number track, some children used partitioning and they learned how to use the column method to subtract numbers.

Also this week the children completed the Accelerated Reading test and we are very proud of all the children who made progress and improved their reading age.  Well done Year 2, keep up the hard work!