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Friday 11th June

This week in maths, year 1 have continued to learn about volume and capacity.  The children were able to describe beakers that were full, half full and empty, and compare the amount of water in two beakers. Also, the children learnt about mass using the terms heavier and lighter.  They used scales to weigh and compare everyday objects.  Finally this week, they began a unit of work on positions.  They have learnt how to describe the position of people using words such as close, near, top and bottom.


The children are starting a new topic on Pompeii in Geography this term.  This week we have located Italy, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius on a world map.


In Science, we have begun a new topic all about the seasons.  The children enjoyed exploring the school site on a scavenger hunt for signs of Spring.  We have learnt about what makes each season unique and can’t wait to learn more about the seasons next week.


On Friday, we had a school Cultural Diversity Day, where we learnt about art from around the world.  The children had the opportunity to make Eastern European spoons and mosaic art.  This was a really enjoyable day for all and a great opportunity to celebrate our cultural differences.