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Friday 11th June

This week, Year 2 Readers have begun reading a new book, The Forest of Fire.  It is a wonderful rhyming story about the importance of fire safety.  Year 2 Readers have predicted what they think the story will be about using the front cover and title.  They also came up with questions that they would like to discover the answers to as we read the book.


Over this week, Year 2 Geographers have started exploring wildfires.  They have defined a wildfire and looked at pictures to describe them.


This week, Year 2 Mathematicians have started exploring fractions.  Year 2 has been using resources and pictures to understand how to show a half, a quarter and three quarters of a number.


This week, Year 2 Scientists have been exploring living and non-living things.  We learnt about MRS NERG and how every living thing has 7 characteristics of life.


Over this week, Year 2 Writers have started exploring newspaper reports and their features so that they can write their own newspaper report about a wildfire.


Year 2 also experienced multicultural day on Friday.  We talked about different styles of art across the world and even created our own painted cutlery!


Well done Year 2!