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Friday 11th December

This week, the year 1 children had 10 cubes made up of a mixture of colours.  They had to decide how they were going to build a tower.  Each child had 5 cubes and they could decide if they wanted 1 large tower or 2 smaller towers.

In phonics we have been progressing with our RWI programme and the children have been improving on their R time partner work by sharing the reading and helping their partner by pointing at the words.

In maths we have been reviewing all that we have learnt this term by making fact families with our number bonds.  We have also been reviewing our solving of picture problems.  Our focus has been on finding the equivalent equation.  For example 3+7=10, which is the same as 7+3=10 and also the reverse equations of 10-3=7 and 10–7=3.

In science the children examined the properties of ice and water.  They started to learn about the different states that materials can be in, for example, solid, liquid or gas.  The children compared ice and water and were even introduced to how the molecules change as the solution is cooled or heated.

In geography the children used a map of the local area and learned how to draw features onto their map.