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Friday 11th December

This week, the year 2 children have worked hard in all subjects.  In Literacy we talked about the features and the structure of an information report and the children created their own posters using expanded noun phrases to describe the Tower of London and the Yeoman Warders.  Furthermore, the children wrote the first draft of their report using the skills that we learned in the previous week.

In Maths we are continuing to work with multiplication.  We looked at the two times table and the five times table.  They supported their learning using different resources such as counters and uni-fix cubes to create equal groups of 2 and 5, recognising the pattern for the 2 and 5 times tables.  The children used various methods to find the answer.  Some children used counting in 2 and 5, some children used repeated addition and some recorded multiplication equations.

In Science the children have been learning about materials that are used in everyday objects.  They have been explaining which materials would make good choices for different objects.

Well done Year 2, keep up the hard work!